Dr. G Anupama IAS
    Dr. G. Anupama, IAS Additional Chief Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Department Haryana
    IAS. Rajnarayan Kaushik
    Shri. Rajnarayan Kaushik, IAS CEO, Ayushman Bharat Haryana (AB-HHPA)
    HCS. Ankita Adhikari_
    Ms. Ankita Adhikari, HCS Joint CEO, Ayushman Bharat Haryana (AB-HHPA)
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    Ayushman Bharat, a flagship scheme of Government of India, was launched as recommended by the National Health Policy 2017, to achieve the vision of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). This initiative has been designed to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its underlining commitment, which is to “leave no one behind.”

    Ayushman Bharat is an attempt to move from sectoral and segmented approach of health service delivery to a comprehensive need-based health care service. This scheme aims to undertake path breaking interventions to holistically address the healthcare system (covering prevention, promotion and ambulatory care) at the primary, secondary and tertiary level. Ayushman Bharat adopts a continuum of care approach, comprising of two inter-related components, which are –

    Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY)
    Health and Wellness Centres (HWCs)

    1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY)
    The second component under Ayushman Bharat is the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojna or PM-JAY as it is popularly known.

    2. Health and Wellness Centers (HWCs)
    In February 2018, the Government of India announced the creation of 1,50,000 Health and Wellness Centres (HWCs) by transforming the existing Sub Centres and Primary Health Centres.

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